Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Martha Stewart, Penn Cove Mussels and the Lovejoy Inn

Sorry, almost forgot we had a blog! I've been working on the new Coupeville Lodging Association brochure and this time we've added local restaurants. We have some yummy food pictures and one was of a bowl of Penn Cove Mussels. Coupeville's number 1 specialty food is Penn Cove Mussels. Coupeville is on Penn Cove, mussels grow wild in the water, and there is a the Penn Cove Shellfish Farm that farms the mussels. Its's about impossible to get a bad mussel in Coupeville - they are delivered to the restaurants fresh - all week long.

So I was searching for a Penn Cove Mussel photo on the web and I came across a segment of Martha Stewart where she focused on our mussels. Great shots of the farm, Tim the mussel man, and the guy making mussels on the beach at Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island. The video is fun (and educational) and will make you hungry. Watch the Martha Stewart Mussel show on youtube by clicking here

The Lovejoy Inn doesn't serve mussels with our breakfast, but can point you to a number of great restaurants within 2 blocks that will let you experience our local - farm to table - delicacy.


  1. What fun - and great footage of such a beautiful place! You are blessed to live there, as you know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely thing to own a bed and breakfast; I'm sure you meet interesting people all the time.

    I've never had a mussel but I will take your word for it that they're good! :-)