Monday, May 24, 2010

Need More Room than the Lovejoy Inn? Try "The House Next Door"

Here at the Lovejoy Inn - we have 4 rooms. One is the Carriage House-off by itself, spacious, bright, king size bed and kitchenette - sleeps 2 (sometimes 3). We also have our 3 rooms in the inn - The Landing (near the landing of the stairs and because of Ebey's Landing), The Coupe (upstairs-full size bed, cute bathroom with "cozy" clawfoot tub/shower - named after Thomas Coupe - founder of our town - and because it its on the cozy side), then we have the Penn Cove View Room - spacious, queen bed - and the name says it all).

But, what if you need more room? Have a dozen people coming, want your own kitchen, yard, deck, cable tv . . . then we suggest the house next door.

The House Next Door is a vacation rental, and we manage it. It is a gorgeous Cape Cod style home that looks like it's been here a century but is only 15 years old. 3 bedrooms, 1 sleeping loft, 1 den with fold out futon - it's great for 6 to 12 people (we've had anywhere between 1 and 12 + a dog stay there.

If you are coming to Whidbey Island, the Lovejoy Inn and/or The House Next Door Whidbey Vacation Rental are the perfect way to ensure a comfortable, affordable and relaxing stay.