Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whidbey Island Marathon 2009

This past weekend, a couple thousand people showed up to Whidbey to run/walk in the Whidbey Island Marathon. It’s a stimulus package for Whidbey to have that many folks, most staying overnight, to come to the island. Here at the Lovejoy Inn, 3 of our 4 guests were here because of the Marathon – “Yay – Way to Go! Lookin’good!” When we get all these fit people around us, it gets us to start talking about training for next year’s marathon. Lynda walked it few years ago, I’ve watched it a couple times. Our 12 year old now wants to run the half-marathon (13 miles) next year. I’ll cheer her on.
Here’s a 2006 picture of Lynda, Andreas and Lisa of Christopher’s Restaurant, and Aimee (she did all 26 miles) at the end of the race in Coupeville (where the race used to end).

The other picture is of a young and in love dating couple who were about to run the Bloomsday Race in Spokane in 1991. I was still trying to impress Lynda. I could barely walk for the next 4 days. Ah, love.