Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whidbey Outdoor Weddings (WOW) - in January?!

Whidbey Island has become a premier spot for destination weddings. Natural beauty, less rain, dramatic locations, catering, photography, all the stuff a couple needs.

Last summer, we hosted three dozen guests for weddings around Coupeville. We opened June 21 with the bride’s family staying in our newly renovated Lovejoy Inn. The groom’s family stayed at our vacation rental, The House Next Door. The wedding was at the Jenne Farm in the middle of Ebey’s Prairie. Cows in the front yard, barn and granary for reception, open field for the wedding. We had guests for 4 different weddings at the Jenne Farm, also two weddings at Captain Whidbey Inn and the Greenbank Farm.

Last fall, Joy and Brian from Centralia (pic at left)came to Whidbey to find a place to get married. (insert Joy-Brian pic). They chose the Greenbank Farm. They searched out lodging in Coupeville and fell in love with the Lovejoy Inn and The House Next Door. Wedding date: January 17 at 3pm. Here’s a quote from the brides website: “ Rain, sleet, sun, or snow … as of today, will be OUTSIDE so bring warm clothing and an umbrella.”

The weeks before the wedding were filled with snow and rain, little sun, sleet?(I don’t know what that looks like). Then, on Friday when the guests arrive – from Alaska, New Mexico, Minnesota, the temperature starts rise. Friday 4pm: sun breaks. Saturday 9:00am: a little fog. Saturday 3pm: bright sunshine, no wind, 50 degrees, sunglasses. Everyone said it was beautiful!

We are grateful to Joy and Brian for choosing the Lovejoy Inn and enjoyed seeing how well they get along the loving families they bring together. Blessings!

Mitch and Lynda, Seattle, WA, Aug. 25, 1991 (my hair is longer than Lynda’s – no it’s not a mullet!)