Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google Celebrates PacMan's 30th Anniversary - and so do we, in an unexpected way

So, this is a little more random than some of the other posts...forgive me. And, as usual, forgive it being 2 months since my last post (good marketing, huh?).

On Google's homepage Friday and Saturday, the Google logo came up as the game of PacMan. Kind of cute and nostalgic and if you waited about 10 seconds the logo would become an actual game you could play - pretty cool ...but, so what? Where are you going with this, you may ask?

Some of the characters in PacMan are these little blob things that chase PacMan - named Pinky, Blinky, Stinky etc. Blinky is the red blob. Hang in just a little longer . . .

Here at the Lovejoy Inn, we've been serving up alot of strawberries lately - seems like the season in California has begun, and we use them in our yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits. Yesterday we pulled one out that we decided we couldn't serve a guest - and that we didn't want to chop up.

IT WAS THE SPITTING IMAGE OF BLINKY! It was the freakiest little strawberry I've ever seen.
We let the girls inspect it and say how weird it was - then each got to nibble off one of "Blinky's" legs and then he was gone. Thank you for your patience.