Friday, April 24, 2009

Speed Blogger - Signs- Sunshine

Friday 4/23 8:46am.

I’m going to write and publish this post by 9:00am – speed blogger!

Sunny, high of 60 degrees, blooms on the fruit trees and tulips opening up around the yard.

We’ve had a number of Coupeville Arts Center students stay with us here at the Lovejoy Inn this past month and it has been wonderful. Nice creative folks, diving deeper into watercolor, art quilts, photography, you name it. We are a 10 minute walk to the art center so it’s the perfect place to stay – relaxed, peaceful, and easily accessible. The students and instructors we’ve had stay with us appreciate the high caliber of teaching and organization at the Art Center - and its run by incredible people.

8:54am. I’m running behind. Big news . . . We have our sign! The first one is on the front of the guest side of the Lovejoy Inn. The one in front will be hung today. I got the post in a couple days ago, painting the finial cap for the post and this afternoon – we will no longer be Coupeville’s best kept secret bed and breakfast.

This week we watched locals and a couple realtors slam on their brakes in front of the house since we have this sign post out front that looks like a For Sale sign is about to be hung. In a few hours, they can relax and we’ll be official.

9:00am – dang, it will be 5 more minutes. Seize the day!