Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coupeville Farmer's Market and Cookies!

The Lovejoy Inn is in the perfect location (I know I say that alot). This time the reason is that our weekly farmer's market happens every Saturday about a 1 minute walk away (I can see it from my window as I write this). The Coupeville Farmer's Market has gotten bigger over the years and has now quite a few farmers. Maybe five years ago, not many farmers and more crafts. Now there is an abundance of fresh produce from Whidbey Island organic farms, backyard farms, dairy farms and animal farms.

We get produce from Georgie Smith's Willowood Farm and Rose Hip Farm both here in Coupeville. Bell's Farm has the best strawberries. Mile Post 19 farm has incredible raspberries. Grass fed local beef from 3 Sisters Cattle Co. and fresh butter, cheese and milk from Golden Glen Creamery. There's amazing fresh alaskan salmon-smoked, lox and fresh- pedaled over from Port Townsend, fresh and aromatic kettle corn (our girls favorite), and plants, flowers, more berries, Mr. Mobley's sauces (the tahini is abundantly useful), crafts, artists, and bakers.

Speaking of bakers - today Lynda came back from the market with two cookies-for me. From a baker, new to our market. I had the best cookies I've had in a long time - caramel cream shortbread. Two shortbread with a thick layer of buttery caramel cream filling. Yow! I think I told 6 strangers that they had to get a cookie from the "cookie lady." At the end of the market today, we came home with local onions, greens, potatoes . . . and half a dozen cookies. I love to eat local.

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