Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mussel Festival Weekend – March 5, 6 & 7 on Whidbey Island

Next weekend is one of Coupeville’s most Coupeville of festivals – the Penn Cove Mussel Festival. Coupeville is located on the shores of Penn Cove. Mussels grow all over the place in the cove. Mussels are “farmed” in Penn Cove about a mile from the heart of downtown Coupeville. I’ve found myself saying to our guests, “you can’t get a bad mussel in Coupeville.” Honestly, I’ve never had a bad mussel here - mainly because they incredibly fresh – they are harvested daily and delivered to the restaurants daily. Toby’s Tavern probably sells 25 lbs a day on slow days – I can’t imagine in the summer.

I’m not a big mussel guy (or muscle guy), but after living in Coupeville for 12 years and having these fresh ones – I do enjoy them and I suggest you try them if you aren’t sure if you’d like them. For a video story about the mussel fest and Penn Cove Mussels-click here.

So, next weekend is the Mussel Festival – fresh mussels cooked in wondrous ways; mussel chowder competition, mussel art, Mussel Hussel (a scavenger hunt), Mussel Mania antique sale at the Masonic Lodge, live music during the day and music, dancing and more mussels in the beer garden set up by Penn Cove Shellfish. This is really a fun event!

The Lovejoy Inn is in the heart of Mussel Festival. Sit on the front porch and listen to the band in the beer garden. Walk 150 yards to Mussel Headquarters.
We have availability next weekend. Call or email us or make a reservation online and mention “Mussels” and we’ll take 10% of your rate.

Last year, our 7 year old daughter competed in the Mussel Eating Contest – I think she placed 4th and was the crowd favorite. See the video below of this firece little competitor. She’s getting ready for next weekend and plans to go for the gold!

(top photo - mussels on pilings at Coupeville Wharf; photo before mussel eating; our daughter at the end of the table-sizing up the competition, and last pic after eating a pound)