Sunday, September 6, 2009

“24” – Town of Coupeville Style

The following events take place between 3:22 and 4:45pm

3:22pm – Lynda and Mitch notice the asphalt breaking up and water starting to trickle down Grace St. in front of the Lovejoy Inn

3:24pm – Lynda walks to Town Hall and reports what she witnessed to Public Works Director Malcolm Bishop.
3:29pm – A white Ford Ranger pickup drives up and parks in front of the suspect damage to the street. Director Bishop exits the truck and secures the area.
3:33pm – Director Bishop calls for backup from CTU (Coupeville Town Utilities).
3:40pm – Just leaving their previous assignment, the backup arrives and within minutes. Five members of the CTU response team assess the situation.
3:45pm – Agent Walker, oops, I mean Kelly, departs the scene and returns with a large backhoe perfect for the situation.
3:58pm – Excavation team begins. With precision, Kelly controls the backhoe and digs to within inches of the water break. The rest of the team clears the debris.
4:10pm – Suspect leak is located and contained and re-covered.
4:25pm – The mission complete, the CTU team departs for headquarters, ready for what the next 24 hours will hold.
4:35pm – Director Bishop clears the road block, calls all clear, and drives by for one last inspection of another job well done.

Many thanks to the CTU/Town of Coupeville Public Works for their incredible service and expertise – the best on Whidbey Island!