Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm back . . .again . . . Lovejoy Inn has had an awesome summer!

Wow, it's been much too long since I last posted. I realize I say that about every 3rd post, then I apologize ... sorry.
I've got an excuse - we've had a really great summer - very busy with lots of great guests from all around the country, a bunch from a mild mannered neighbor to the north, and a few from abroad (aka across the pond).

Favorites were from Pennsylvania, Wash DC, New Orleans, Gulf Coast of Florida, Anchorage, Portland, and even from our town - Coupeville. Of course there were more we enjoyed and really, so far, none that we would have rather not stayed with us. Overseas we had folks from New Zealand, France, London, Holland, and Seattle (we are on an island).

We are now on Facebook! That should help me stay on track with our blog - there are lots of stories from these past few months that need to blogged - recipes shared - secrets unveiled.

More to come soon - Mitch the Innkeeper
(pic is of our little "no vacancy" sign that we were able to get some use out of this summer. A little moth/butterfly in Lovejoy Inn colors landed on the front porch so I snapped this picture
before I squished it (just kidding).

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