Friday, December 4, 2009

Blogging takes persistence - and not being distracted

whoa - it's foggy this morning....what was I saying...

Hi - I've been bad. Months since my last blog. I make a resolution every few months to really get in there and blog. Here I go again - there will be more posts - fun, interesting, special offers, local finds, local Whidbey Island recommendations, and observations - plus the goings on at the Lovejoy Inn.

School started so we got a little distracted. 3 girls, 2 schools, 3 music lessons, 1 sport, 2 clubs, homework, reading, etc. I know we are in the minority of innkeepers - having children who are still in school. What's great about it is that our girls get to see us at work. And, they are learning about work and will be starting to help around the inn.

We live on "our side." The Lovejoy Inn is the "guest side" of the house. It works out nice - our guests get privacy and don't feel like the middle of our home, and our kids can be kids and not have to tiptoe when they walk through the house. And, we are right in the middle of this super charming town and can walk to the beach.

Another blog tomorrow! I promise.

(top pic - 1st day of school Fall 2009; bottom pic - our girls and friends walking back after digging at the beach)

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