Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring! . . . almost

Greetings! We’ve missed you and are ready to be the bloggers we dreamed we’d be.

Spring is just starting to look like it may arrive in Coupeville. We cleared out a bunch of flower beds and found all kinds of purple crocuses popping out. Tulips too. Tiny buds are on the cherry, plum, apricot, pear and apple trees. I’ve been doing my favorite spring project – pruning. I think I sort of know what I’m doing. Lynda, however, gets a little nervous when I pull out the pruning saw and lopping shears. There’s a lot less bushiness to all the shrubs and trees and the Carriage House has greater view of Penn Cove. I can’t wait for the leaves to grow to cover up some of my uglier cuts. I have a gigantic pile of branches behind the barn – Lynda wants to get a chipper.
Hopefully we’ll have plenty of fruit on our trees this year. We serve the pears and apples with breakfast. The cherries, blackberries and apricots get turned into jam. This last picture is of the amazon looking flower bud on our tree peony.

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