Saturday, January 10, 2009


We officially “opened” for business June 21, not much fanfare, but a houseful from around the country in Coupeville for a wedding. We hosted guests in our Carriage House since April 2007. We had a great Summer/Fall season this year and found our groove meeting and greeting and housing and feeding 120 different configurations of people from 1-4 in each reservation so we figure well over 200 people were under our roof sometime during the past year.

Our goal is to boost that number by a third this year and one thing that might just help us is if we had a sign in front of the house!

It’s been on the list all year. Why does this have to be so hard?

Another fact about Mitch and Lynda – we are easily distracted. Our first distraction is the house itself. We have endless lists of projects, maintenance and then stuff that comes up like a burst water pipe from the freeze a couple weeks ago, and a new Wii for Christmas (Mitch has developed tennis elbow).

Our other distractions are hard to ignore. Here are 3 of them:

(Aug. 08 - sour cherry pickin by our 3 girls)

Here’s another one:

This is Mitch’s mom. She’s six blocks away, and has helped us understand what the “Sandwich Generation” means.

Then, since we are opening a business, why not at the same time have Lynda take a half time job (the kind you take home with you and is on your mind all the time).

So, time to put the sign at the top of the list. (I’m sorry, but the entire time writing this I keep thinking of that kind of freaky movie
Signs with Mel Gibson, sorry.) We have a logo and design for the sign -check. We have a sign maker - check. Lynda is on the Design Review Board of the Town so will have to recuse herself in approving the permit, but at least we know all the hoops we need to jump through—check. Next step, fill out the paperwork and get it done.
Sounds easy.
Feels hard.

We’ve made it this far so will go back to our motto in this whole adventure:

Keep moving forward! (we borrowed it from the animated movie, Meet the Robinson’s)

In case the sign isn’t quite up, here’s the GPS coordinates (48° 13’ 10.18” N, 122° 41’ 14.25” W)

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